Gratitude-July 4


-citizenship, fellowship

-Relief. Psychological, Emotionally.

After over 3 months of insurance issues, I finally got my MRI. My doctor went over the results with me. Tear in the meniscus and wearing down of the cruciate ligament. And yesterday I was approved to see an Orthopedic surgeon. Appointment is next week.

The knee locked up this past weekend for over 40 minutes. Then 4 clicks and pain, which has been surreal. I’ve never experienced anything like it. My psyche feels changed.

Great news though. Less pain today!

-Shower. Water.

-Tidal. I’ve been really digging it. This 90 day free trial is 👍🏾👌🏾


-Proof to myself that I can successfully commit to my own well being. This daily practice has served me, serves me, and will continue to in future.

I’m over being attached to the app though. So as far as a visual record of my personal record of consecutive days, I’m moving on.

Anything you’re grateful for?

Feel free to share in the comments below 😁


Gratitude-June (7)


-someone to shave for

-my roommate for being and teaching

-A new helpful joyful positive friend who sees me as I am at core. Bonus is that he expresses his feelings sincerely and seemingly with ease. He reminded me to give credit where credit is due.

-My cousins who have my back, encourage me, and believe in me.

-Animated series made for children. Ex. Doc McStuffins, Steven Universe

-confusion and relief from confusion🤔 Oh I guess that’s clarity 😂

-30 Rock! Started it on Tuesday. First time watching the show. I love it so much! I’m on S1E19. Psyched that there’s many episodes and many seasons. Laughs upon laughs. Makes me happy. Inspires me. I’m going to make a comedy series.

-The convenience of voice recording.

-Guitar practice

-Art practice

-Thorough personal grooming and cleanliness


What’s something or someone you’re grateful for?