And Gratitude: Because I Am

I write a gratitude list most every day. Sometimes the list is only 2 or 3 things. I for sure know that as shitty as things can be, mainly because of my perception and attitude, there is still always at least one thing to be grateful for. Here’s my gratitude list for today:
1) Anger, you know that deep to the bones, inescapable anger
2) Frustration
3) Two friends checking in with me today. Thank you Doe and Auriel.
4) Bike ride at dusk and the freedom feeling that came from it
5) 24 hour stores that allow me to walk around and relax a bit (a nightly ritual I had for most of 2011. I do it now when I’m staying close enough to a store)
6) Fab experimental hot chocolate (swiss hot cocoa mix and caramel hot cocoa mix, made with almond milk, hazelnut non-dairy gluten free creamer, topped with whipped cream) Turned out yummy! I think I may add a little water to it tomorrow. I feel it needed to be a tad less sweet. Or maybe make sure I use unsweetened Almond Milk instead of Original or Vanilla.
7) Presents via Amazon and UPS from J. Two books!: Two Boys Kissing and Brown Girl Dreaming and A Very Glee Christmas on DVD
8) My Auntie Deb and Uncle Joe for this time we have together/share together
9) FB for the ability to see all the pictures of my friend’s kids doing Christmas type things
10) Surround sound in the living room working! (The system that was put in over a year ago has never really worked properly. With the assistance of my helpers, my Aunt and Uncle, I calibrated the speakers and everything sounds wonderful. Settings saved!)
11) Being of service
12) coping skills
13) coping skills
14) coping skills


View from my usual bike path.


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