I Don’t Want People To Be Mean To You

So, I’m all teary. I’m watching something where a mom in her forties has been married for 19 years. Her husband and her have been separated for months and she finds herself in an unexpected relationship with another woman. People in her family begin finding out, it looks like her mom will be an absolute nightmare to deal with, but her son, this woman’s young teenage son finds out before she can tell him herself and she goes to his room to talk with him. His back is to her, he‘s curled up, upset, crying and I think he’s going to tell her to “piss off” or something horrible. He sits up and hugs his mom and through his tears he says, “I don’t want people to be mean to you.” And here I am with tears in my eyes, all emotional. I think about the simplicity of that statement and the love, acceptance, knowledge of the world we live in that goes along with it and feel sad that he has to say it but happy and relieved that he does. I hope one day that no child will have to say that to a parent and no parent will have to say it to their child.