A Weepy Mess

A weepy mess I am. A character from a TV show I love just died. For some reason, I cried and cried. I don’t remember ever having felt as initially upset at a fictional character’s death. Heck, I have never cried because of a real person’s death, so this is odd. To make myself feel a bit better I put on The Walking Dead. I watched the opener for Season 5 and episode 6, the one that is Carol and Daryl centric. Watching them helped. Feeling a bit less distraught. Walking Dead for the win! ha ha

This morning I made a list. I don’t usually make lists. But I may do in future, because today I’ve crossed a good majority of the stuff off, laundry being the highlight, and it feels good. I haven’t been doing too much today or the last couple days really. Been taking it easy. Earlier this week, a piece of one of the teeth on the upper left side broke off. I had to have an extraction on Wednesday. The healing has been going well. Today though, it’s been itchy and my mouth hurts. Or maybe that’s just now…
I’ve had the house to myself for the past 3 days. My Aunt and Uncle just got back an hour ago and I’ve been talking with them, so that may be why I’m feeling things more. I need to go rinse my mouth with warm salt-water.
I need to go to bed early tonight. I feel tired. Probably from all that crying. All that crying over someone who is from someone else’s imagination. Waa…!


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