Gratitude: Happy Monday All

Been doing my private journal but I think I ought to start to doing public gratitude again. By the way, gratitude journals rock!
Gratitude: 1) my health, 2) to do lists (they are working wonders for me), 3)Sean, for letting me borrow the DVDs I need for lab this semester, 4) my Aunt for helping me get the access code I need for the ASL IV lab, 5)Enrique, for hosting me this week,6) Cindy for being a great boss, 7)Donna, for being an awesome friend this weekend (so many texts full of support and advice), 8) Twitter (shaking my head, don’t ask! ha ha), 9) my Aunt and Uncle for being all happy to hang out with me yesterday (it had been over two weeks! but it felt like I hadn’t seen them in forever. ha ha), 10) Criminal Minds, though I’m watching too many episodes, this morning I read unsub when the word was really unsubscribe and my heart started thumping 😀, all the good people in my life. You all are amazing!!
Happy Monday All!