Yoga and Childhood Trauma

Wanted to share this article that a friend of mine shared on FB tonight.

My response:

Interesting.  The environment I was raised in was one of mental and emotional upheaval/abuse. I moved out on my own shortly after my 17th birthday. When I was about 19 one of my Aunts sent me a book called Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation by Jess Stearn, that she had read in the 70s. I started reading up on yoga and practicing it. The whole idea for me was to become whole and live from that perspective. To unify mind, body, and soul. To heal all the parts of me that I left behind (suppressed, abandoned) because of fear. Yoga has been a blessing throughout my adult life. One of the things I love about it is, no matter where I am I can practice it. I only need my body (no other equipment) and a little space. I’ve practiced in bathrooms and hallways in the very recent past. Starting with it at a young age, as the brain was still malleable, has been helpful, because, let’s say I haven’t practiced in awhile, like I got sick, or busy with work and relationships or whatever, as soon as I start back my body reacts favorably, like, “Oh, it’s time to be healthy.” It’s like it’s hard wired. It’s hard to describe but in my body there is this feeling of familiarity that is almost immediate. So, nuerobiofeedback along with the practice of yoga in any of its forms will help these young survivors of abuse and neglect and advance the understanding of the science of yoga and its many benefits.


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