Healing Now

I made it through! Surgery went well! Two of my nurses said that it turned out great and that I’ll be very happy with the results! 🙂 Tomorrow I go back to see my surgeon to have the drains removed. There’s been minimal output and surprisingly this part of the process has been less gross than I thought it would be.
Nausea has been on and off. I was fine coming out of surgery. And no car sickness thank goodness!  I had pain on my left side about half an hour after we left the surgery center so I took another pill. Since then I’ve taken one pill every 4 hours. Last night I woke up in   pain 2.5 hrs into the 4 hour cycle and  took a second pill. Since then I have been taking two pills every 4.5 hours instead of one pill and that has been working out better for me.
My Aunt has been taking good care of me, helping me get comfy, bringing me water and juice, keeping me company.
Earlier I could only eat unsalted saltine crackers, then later I had a small amount of oatmeal, and for dinner I had chicken vegetable soup. For dessert I had a chocolate chip cookie. I’ve been drinking plenty of water and started drinking prune juice this afternoon to help me go. I still haven’t gone yet 😦 My Uncle says it may take a day to kick in. *sigh*

I am super sleepy. Been sleeping on and off all day. It’s amazing how fast I get tired. Like all of the sudden I’ll feel a wave of sleepiness hit me. Anyways, I just wanted to write a quick little update.
I am healing. I am happy 🙂





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