7 Day Post-Op Chest Surgery

I am doing well. I went in today for my second post-op appointment. It’s been a week since I’ve had surgery! I can’t believe it It’s gone by so fast. Each day has been different. Yesterday was my hardest day yet and that’s because I didn’t take any pain medication. I was like, how do I know if I’m still in pain if I keep taking them. That was a mistake. I needed to taper off. When I saw my surgeon today she told me that I’m only a week out and that it’s normal to still be in pain and that right after surgery it was about staying ahead of the pain but now it is about only taking it as needed.

The highlights of the visit were 1) my drains were taken out! Woot! So I can walk much easier 2) my nurse was really nice and had pretty green eyes 3) I was able to tell my surgeon, thank you, and that I’ve very happy with the work she did.

My Aunt and Uncle have been troopers. I am so lucky to have them in my lives.

Besides resting and watching Parks and Recreation and The Office, I had a visit from a friend yesterday that I haven’t seen in awhile. It was nice but a tad too long. I was knackered when he left.

I am knackered now. Today was a full day of travel and my first time going out to eat since surgery. Going to go to bed early.

Until next time..



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