Empire: Jamal’s Part of The Rap Battle

I just finished watching the 2 part finale of Empire Season 1. I know Jamal singing doesn’t belong in a true rap battle but I loved it. I’ve watched Jamal’s part a good number of times now. It’s a new anthem for me. Why? Because it’s a direct answer to the arrogant nonsense I’ve heard from some family members since I came out 21 years ago! Out of the 45+ grandchildren on my father’s side there are only 2 of us who are out, out of 17 grandkids on my mother’s side and 6 grandkids on my stepfather’s side, it’s only me. All sides of my family are predominantly Baptist Christian. I’m just saying that it means something to me on a deep personal level. It’s speaking to those who are watching, who think like this, at their level. I believe this show has saved lives/will save lives and bring people together. I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be a little queer black teen, with no such thing as the world wide web and the main portrayal of black gay men were the characters on In Living Colour. I know there are many watching out there who are finding strength in Jussie Smollet’s portrayal of Jamal. He stepped up and sang his truth in that space and I was like, Yes! Millions of people are watching this. And he winked!!! when he sang, “maybe you need to get on your knees”. Love it! I’ll love it forever. ❤ ∞

“So what I’m gay
It don’t matter
God aint made you no better than me
When I pray, he still answers
Maybe you need to get on your knees
No weapon shall prosper
No weapon shall prosper
Your sin aint no better than my sin
Your skin aint no better than my skin
So point all the fingers you want……Bitch”


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