College Admissions-Yays and Nays

So far I’ve gotten into San Francisco State as a Cinema Major. I’m on the waitlist for Sacramento State. I have yet to hear from Cal State Northridge or Cal State Fullerton.

Tonight I found out I didn’t get into UC Santa Barbara or UC Santa Cruz. I’m a little sad. I don’t think I’ll get into Cal but I had to apply. I didn’t apply when I was 16 and I wish I had and now I have 🙂 Also, now I’m feeling not so optimistic about UCSD. Even though I’ve been hella ambivalent about UCSD the last few years, I really thought I’d have it as an option. I love options!!

San Francisco State. My concern about attending San Francisco State, is cost of living/housing. I’ll get my preliminary Financial Aid Award letter in the next week or so and will be able to make a better choice then.

Right now I’m feeling both a little bummed and a little relieved. Less decisions/choices to make. Narrowing it down. At least I know 4-5 months from now I’ll be going to some University. Well, most likely. As long as I’m healthy. As long as I’m alive.

A comfort.

5 thoughts on “College Admissions-Yays and Nays

  1. I remember when I went through the same phase last year. Everything works out beautifully in the end, and I can guarantee that! 🙂
    I found your post while searching for ‘University’ in the tag list. I am starting a series on my blog that can help out freshmen starting University. Maybe you’d like it 🙂

    I hope it all works out well!

    Cheers and best wishes
    Srish. xx


    • Thanks! I will check out your blog. I’m actually a junior transfer but I’m sure some of the same things you share for freshmen will be relevant.


  2. Sorry, I didn’t see this until now. A junior transfer is someone who has finished 2 years at a community college or another university and is transferring to finish the upper division classes for whatever major they’ve chosen. I’ve done all my general education requirements and now I only need to focus on the major requirements to get my B.A.


  3. I’m not quite sure what lateral entry is. Junior transfer means that I’ve finished 2 years of college (my general education classes) and I’m not ready to focus on a major. Taking classes for the major to get my Bachelors Degree.



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