Thank you to Yvette and my Aunt Suzette for reminding me that things like this happen between parents and children regardless of whether they are trans or cis. Some parents have a hard time with their children coming into their own.

Gratitude: 1) Teresa and Vinka for their perspectives. I hear you. I’m listening. Finding my way
2) For all who love me, I love you ❤
3) Talking with my brother
4) For good times with family. My heart is full tonight. Great being with Uncle Joe, Auntie Deb, Marcus, Yvette (MoVal) And pending time/being with Jackie, Kris, Carleen, Suzette, Carter, meeting Taylor and briefly seeing Uncle Bruce (Perris) 5) 5)Kris for picking me up and dropping me off!
6) New car smell!
7) Tea bags and (hot) water
8) My phone for facilitating communication/connection
9) Donna for being flexible! And cool 🙂
10) Myself for truth telling
11) For all the military people who have lost their lives fighting for and protecting us. Thank you. Rest in Peace.


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