Life update: Saw my GP (General Practitioner/Doctor) on Friday. Good news: I do not have strep throat! Not so good: I’ve been blah bleh blek this entire week. Rested all day Saturday. Woke up around 530pm because the room was an oven. It was over 90°!! Which means I was up until about 4am this Sunday morn. This thing I have is viral. Nothing to do but rest and drink plenty of fluids. Also while visiting my Dr, I got 3 immunization shots. MMR, Tetanus, and the 2nd shot in a series of 3 for Hep B. My right arm is hurting from the tetanus shot 😦 My doctor warned me. I need the immunization shots to be able to register for school.

On Wednesday I got a late admission offer to attend Sacramento State as a Film Major. The intent to enroll date was yesterday, May 30th. I had to make a super quick decision. Though tuition is very affordable at San Francisco State, housing in that area is not. It’s frightening how much it costs to just share!! a room. Attending Sac State will allow me to live with/near family. I’m tired of worrying about where I’ll sleep all the time. Ready to give up this homeless life. So.. I won’t be living in a Queer Mecca after all but Northern California I’m still coming for ya!


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