Gratitude For Today

gratitude: 1) my wonderful friend Victoria’s born day anniversary!
2) CloneClub and all the celebration about Tatiana Maslany’s nomination (for those who like sports, this feeling is like when your most favorite beloved sports team or player makes the finals!!!)
3) Dr. Pepper 4) Madeleines 5) Carrot cake and a delicious pickle spear for breakfast!
6) downtown San Diego 7) walking, walking, walking
8) Talking to a friend (A.C.) I haven’t talked to in awhile
9) My co-workers allowing me to chat away pretty much all shift.
10) J for telling me I laugh in my sleep. I’ve had an ex or two tell me that before but I believe it more now coming from a Friend!
11) J for dropping me off at the trolley station this morning and Teresa for picking me up tonight
12) Teresa for the words that helped me gain perspective about this grief I’m feeling in the midst of celebration. I acknowledge that I am surrounded by loving kindness and goodness , and I recognize that I feel enraged, helpless, hurt, and afraid by things that are going in this large small world.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge that many of my friends here on FB and in life, have lost people this month or experienced the anniversary of a loved one’s passing. My heart is with your heart.
Tonight my love/thoughts are with the family and friends of Sandra Bland and to the 4 Marines killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Rest in eternal loving peace to all who have passed on recently.
And to those of us who are living, KEEP ON.

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