Gratitude: Firsts

Adult content
Gratitude: For Firsts
First crush/love that makes your whole body vibrate, time slow down, and visual field turn soft gold light. First reciprocated love. First bruised heart (my heart has never been broken) First marriage. First divorce (one of the best decisions of my life) First friend. First best friend. First friend breakup (friend break ups hurt more than romantic love type breakups)
First time watching a good movie. First time reading a good book or story. First time meeting one of the loves of your life (friends included) First apartment. First truck/vehicle. First job. First time skipping school. First time sneaking out of the house. First time riding a bicycle on your own. Tasting your favorite icecream for the first time.
First kiss. Every first kiss (deep sigh). First fuck. First orgasm. First multiple orgasms. First time helping someone have multiple orgasms (ha ha). First time coming out. First T-shot. First time standing up for what you believe in, even if it meant standing alone (you survived) First time standing up to a bully. First time letting something/someone toxic go. First time forgiving yourself. First time forgiving another. First time deliberately pampering yourself.
First time volunteering. First time giving without the expectation of return. First time playing on a new device. First time playing favorite albums/favorite songs. First time shooting a basketball into a hoop on a real basketball court (I’ll always remember this)
First time seeing your own private parts. First time taking naked pics of yourself. First time sharing naked pics of yourself. First time watching every single episode of a TV show. First fandom!!!! First time smoking a joint, a bowl, a blunt, from a bong, vaping. First one night stand (on purpose). First threesome. First poem. First written song. First written story. First blog post. First time doing something scary that you thought you could never do. First time you felt proud of yourself. All the other incredible firsts that are too many to list here.


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