Pulse Is Personal

Do y’all get that a lot of us really do know each other? I’m one degree of separation from two who were killed. This isn’t distant. -supergrover
Me: Same. A friend lost 4 good friends in the Orlando Massacre. Two of my good friends I’ve known for 7+years, partied at Pulse. Some people are asking why we are so upset? People are asking why are we taking this so personally?
1 out of 3 people in that club were killed or injured. Next time you’re in a crowd think about which number you would be. I have.
This was a homophobic hate crime against LGBTQ people. The mainstream news is making it about other things. Putting it on another culture and religion not acknowledging our American Culture and Religious Right Christianity folks that helped create this atrocity. This American homophobic culture that the killer was born into and grew up in.
Most of the people who died were Latinx and those who weren’t were Black. Most of the people who were there were LGBTQ, some were not. One was a mother there to dance with her son who she loved and supported. For some people, it was their first time at Pulse. For some it was their first time at a Gay Glub.
My Aunt T, took me to my first gay bar. For me this outing said, “I love you. I got you. No matter what.” I didn’t know what to expect. It was fine. I’m glad that first time was with her.
To my Gorman side of the family: This could’ve been us.
I spent a good many nights in gay clubs, throughout my 20s. In San Diego, Numbers,The Flame, Riches were where me and my friends went. They were our places to let loose, dance, drink, hook up, have a good time. They were our Pulse.
I feel the Pulse massacre, the dead, the injured, the survivors, in my blood and bones.
This is fucking personal.


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