Coming Out To My Parents (The First Time)

Just read this article, 25 Gay People Share Their Parents’ Reaction When They Came Out To Them and I thought I’d share my experience.

It was 1994. I was a Senior in High School.

1. My mom:
I was 16.  I was sitting on my parents bed. Scared and nervous. I was crying because I thought I was going to get kicked out of the house. My mom told me she had a friend from school who was gay, who worked in the television industry, and that she should call her and we could talk but then she said, no, because if I talked to her I would turn that way for sure :/ My mom also said that she had an experience when she was younger but it made her realize that she definitely was not gay. She also kept saying, I know you. I know you. This is not you. I know you. During that initial conversation she also said, “Do you really want to suck on another woman’s pussy, because that’s what they do you know?” That’s the one that sticks out the most because it was so shocking! I wish now, that I could’ve answered with an emphatic, “Yes! I think I’d be quite good at it.” 🙂 but at the time, I was a teenager whose whole life had been rocked because I was in love with a girl who was my friend. I was super infatuated and super as in love as one can be in an unrequited situation. I was also a really sheltered, innocent person. I couldn’t even imagine kissing a girl until after I actually kissed a girl.

2. My dad:
I didn’t come out to my dad. My mom did for me. He never said anything about it until after the 1st time me and my 1st reciprocal love broke up. I was almost 17 at the time. I’ll never forget it. I was really messed up about the breakup. Like devastated.  I was in the passenger seat and he was driving, and he said, “Good. I’m glad you’re done with that gay shit.”
So, yeh. Parents aren’t perfect. They are people with their own prejudices, backgrounds, and life experiences.

The good that came from coming out to them: I didn’t feel like I was keeping a huge secret anymore. I stopped being afraid about “coming out” to them because it was done! I wasn’t beat. I wasn’t killed. I wasn’t kicked out into the streets. I lived with my folks for 9-10 months after I came out and let me tell you, it was so much fun. I wasn’t suicidal at all. I felt really loved and respected and it only brought us closer together as a family.

I wish.

Feel free to share your own coming out story in the comments section below.
Thanks for reading.


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