Move Your Body!

For those who are having a tough time right now, I encourage you to move your bodies!
Allow this energy to move through you and out of you as much as possible.
Go for a walk outside if you are able
maybe run, go to the gym, ride a bike
engage in orgasm inducing activities
Dance!!! in any way, to any thing.

Yoga and massage are my go to and I’ve been able to do those things for the past 3 days and they have helped.

I spent Tuesday pretty much wasted and a bit guilty because I was drunk to the point of illness but..the next day I felt pretty okay. On the other side of despair anyways.

But mainly the point is, do what you need to do for self care. This is the first day I’ve been able to reach out without feeling consumed by anger and grief. They are still present but pacified/muted in a way. And this process began with tears and pineapple rum.
Just saying.


Isidora Ficovic

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