Happy 5th Day of 2017

The year has been going okay so far.
I haven’t really written anything or drawn or colored (yet) but I’ve visited with friends and met someone in person from the internet that I’ve been talking with for over a year and a half (it went well).
I’ve also extended my trip.  I was supposed to fly home today (Northern California) but have decided to extend my trip by 12 days. I’m in So Cal traveling between my childhood home near Riverside and San Diego, where I lived for a bit over 10 years. I’ve only been gone for less than 2 years but I miss it. Especially when I’m on break from school.

Speaking of school. I start on the 23rd I think. I’m a bit freaked out and possibly burnt out. Feeling insecure. I have 5 official classes left but can’t take 5 classes. I’ll suffer and sludge through the semester and I don’t want to suffer. It’s my senior year. I have a senior film project to work on. I’ve noticed that a lot of seniors take 16-19 units there last term and I think they aren’t able to dedicate the time needed to make their last films for school. I’m taking 4 classes I think. One is an Astronomy lab that is only worth 1 unit. I may TA for a teacher and get 2 units so that would put me at full time. In the fall I have another film elective to take and I want that repeat the senior film production class again so I can leave with at least 1 or 2 good projects. The other class is an upper division general education class I’ve been putting off (Government) and I may intern and do an independent study if I want to keep full time status.

This year will be my 7th year in school. I spent 5 years at community college and I earned two associate degrees. I’ve been at my University now for almost 2 years. I’m nervous about what will happen after I leave school. But I have a few months to figure out a plan.

Okay. First post of the new year..complete! ha ha
Wishing everyone, Happy New Year!
Welcome, 2017

Here’s a few pics of my favorite Christmas gifts. A super comfy Walking Dead shirt even though I’m pretty much done with the show, and a little Steven Universe funko. I love it so much!


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