ClexaCon is A Media & Entertainment Convention
for LGBTQ Women and Allies. I think it’s the first of it’s kind!

This weekend is ClexaCon! Finally!

I’m in Vegas. I arrived early this morning. The AirBnB I am staying at is nice and comfy. Good size room. Has everything I need. I’m happy with my choice so far. I’ll be here until Monday.

In 1 day it will be 1 year since Lexa (from tv show The 1oo) was shot by her father figure and bled out moments (less than 2 minutes of screentime) after she and Clarke (the bisexual female lead of The 1oo) consummated their relationship. This was devastating to many people and was covered by media from all over the world. I think it was about 9 months ago that we (Lexa fans from The 1oo) talked about putting on a con. The time is finally here. It’s so much bigger than most of us thought it would be. It’s moved beyond our fandom. There are legit sponsors, guests, actresses, writers, directors, producers, comic book artists, panels, and many more passionate folks from all over the world.  We continue to raise money for organizations that help our community.

Though it started with Fandom it’s grown to encompass so much more. Can’t wait until the con starts tomorrow! ❤  Looking forward to meeting folks.

If ya’ll see me, say hi! I’ll say hi, back! 🙂


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