Thank You, Salma Hayek For Telling

I love the movie Frida. I love what I do know of Frida Kahlo and to see her work and be witness to some of the history of her life has been essential to my development as a human being and an artist. I’m happy the movie was made. I am proud of Salma Hayek for her incredible performance, and have a new found appreciation and respect for the film.

I would love to be articulate and write something meaningful here, through these tears and rage I feel for all that Salma Hayek and the many other women who have come forward and for all who aren’t able to, who have endured and survived, but I don’t have the words for the grief and anger I feel. It’s too much. Too much.

These are Salma’s words. This is one part of her story. One part of a whole story that we are telling ourselves and learning from. Thankfully.


I’m going to put this here because we are capable of dealing with/learning about the complexities of intersectional feminism. These are interrelated. This occurred earlier this year, January 2017. “Jessica Williams Speaks on What a Black Woman Deals With Every Day, and Salma Hayek Has a Hard Time Listening.”



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