Let Us Create Change Now

I am thinking of the marches and protests over time in our young nation.

We are due for a nationwide protest.
We are due for a revolution.

Even if 10 percent of the 325 million Americans (approximately 70 million are under age 18) show up to strategic locations across the US and don’t leave we’ll make change happen. We could rotate.
30 million of us.
I mean even 1%, the ever powerful 1%, is 3 million.
3 million of us.

We camp out for new video games/consoles, celebrities/tv shows/movies at comic-cons/several cons, music concerts, etc.
Not shaming any of us who do this. We love what we love and it brings us entertainment and pleasure. We bond. Collect experiences. Some of us need to do these things. But we need to do other things too.

As a nation, as human beings, we are in trouble.
We are frogs and lobsters. But it’s not too late. Not yet.

How far will things go? How far will we let ourselves go?

I am not the organizer.
I know some of us are.
I am the dreamer. The trumpet.
At this point, I really don’t know what to do. I just know WE have to do something. Those of us who are able and willing. Those who are not, I hope will support those who are.

The current situation of parents and their children being ripped from each other is sickening, heartbreaking, unfathomable, cruel, intolerable. These kids will be subject to violence, sexual abuse, and death. At the very LEAST their psyches will be traumatized.

We are beyond nightmare status.

This blight on our collective will be inescapable. We will carry it throughout time. Unless we act NOW.

I thought things were bad before. I was really fucked up during Fall 2016, Winter and Spring 2017. I gave up after the Charlottesville attack in summer 2017. Disappointed, dispirited. Just done. To not give up totally on life, to not give up my life, I decided to put my sole focus on art. Because art is creation is life. Art saves lives. Art saves me daily.

But this is so much worse than I could’ve imagined. So much worse. And it’s not over, my fellow Frogs & Lobsters. Not nearly. But I believe it can be. I believe we can make changes for the good of us all. When we unite and don’t budge. When we unite and decide to value one another as human beings.

Where are the “troublemakers” amongst us?

I have a friend who puts himself at great personal, physical, and emotional harm nearly every day. I read his stories. He is literally fighting the good fight. He’s a ’78 baby like me, but I know he is tired and worn. And at this time, I feel mentally fragile, physically vulnerable, and just fucking scared, you know? I feel helpless, hopeless, unbelieving, and unbelievably angry.

These moments that I am typing these words, I am immersed in beauty. The sky is blue, the weather is warm, the beach is near. I am truly one of the fortunate ones. Rich in friendship, surrounded by love. But I live with visions. Our streets destroyed, our lives stolen, disregarded, discarded.
We are trash.
I see everyone losing what freedom they think they have.
I hear the screams, Where are my children? Where are my children? I feel this pain in every part of my body, my blood, my bones.
I also see us moving beyond our collective bystander status. I see us fighting for what is right. I see us working towards what is humane. I see us crying out for justice. I see us winning. I see us building on what is broken.

What can we do? What are some solutions?
What can I do? What can you do?
We have to do something (some things).
And we cannot wait.
We have to do it NOW.


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