Knocked Off My Feet

Yesterday I got hit by a car.
My body feels hecka sore. I’m on pain medication that is helping a bit. Still uncomfortable.  The left side of my body is hurt. Hip down. So hip, thigh, knee, ankle.

How lucky am I to be alive right now?

I was crossing the street at Hoover and Clinton (LA). I was using the crosswalk. All I remember is stepping off the curve and then next, I was on the ground, like, what just happened?! I look up to see the chrome part of the front bumper right in front of my face. It was older type of SUV.  I thought, at least I’m not under the car!
I wasn’t bleeding and didn’t feel broken but when I tried to stand up my left knee felt like it was going to give out and I was like..uh oh. People were asking me if I was okay. A guy from a shop nearby came out. I guy on the other side of the street got of his car to see if I was okay. The woman driving the suv got out and was ran out into the street. And I was like, my mind, I can’t imagine that.  I’m careful when I cross the street.

There were street repairs being done. So there was only one lane. I’ve crossed that street at that crosswalk all week. One of my clients lives near there. There’s usually a crossing guard lady but I didn’t see her..until later. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

The driver was a woman, who appeared to be somewhere between age 50-60. She was darker brown woman with a spanish? accent. Broken english. I had a couple of thoughts. What if she was undocumented? I didn’t want her to get in trouble. I was also dazed.  I think I was in shock. Everything happened so fast. She was really upset. And towards the end of our encounter she kept saying sorry, I’m sorry. She put her hand to her chest. She was upset so I gave her a hug and then finished crossing the street.

When I made it across the street. I stopped to lean against the wall and just take a minute, you know? Then all of a sudden the crossing guard lady appears and says, “you shouldn’t have let her go. You should’ve got her information.”  She said she saw what happened but she didn’t want to get involved. Now at the time, I was like, ok. Later at the hospital, I was annoyed a bit because if she would’ve come over and said that, things would be different. I mean, help a homie out! I just wasn’t thinking. I can hear her in my head right now saying you should never let anyone go without getting their information. She said no matter what happened, I was in the crosswalk, and the person driving was at fault.

So I felt really stupid. And really bad. I walked about a block more and then realized I couldn’t make it to the bus stop and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to make it to the apartment I’m staying at, from the stop I usually get off at. So I sat down by a tree (shade!) and called my friend Amanda, hoping that she’d pick up. She did. I told her that I got hit by a car and that I was okay but couldn’t walk, and asked if she could come scoop me me up. I didn’t want to go to the ER (who does?!) I just wanted to go back to the apartment and sleep. And I wanted some Canada Dry Gingerale because I was feeling nauseous.

While sitting there waiting for Amanda to pick me up, I realized I was more hurt than I thought and that I should go get checked out. When Amanda got there she checked for bruises. I wasn’t hurting on the outside but I was feeling pain on the inside. Then I got in the car. She grabbed her notebook and went to talk to the guy in the shop and to the crossing guard who I had just seen and she had seen when she drove up. But the crossing guard disappeared? Amanda said there were 3 cameras that she could see on buildings near by. So someone might have footage. We’re going to check this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

Anyways, to speed this along we went to the ER. I got looked after. Had x-rays done and got checked for a concussion. No broken bones. No concussion. I called my Auntie Toni to let her know what was happening. I’m so glad Amanda was available. She’s really upset that there were people around, saw what happened and didn’t help. The Bystander Effect. There were construction workers right there, businesses open, people on the sidewalk, cars driving by..etc.  Amanda, pointed out that the lady should’ve have given me her information. Even though I can imagine how awful it would be to crash into a human being, I’d have made sure they were okay and I would’ve given her my insurance information. Amanda also pointed out that the crossing guard didn’t do her job. But my first thought was I didn’t want her to get into trouble. But then a few moments later I was like, that’s her actual job. Where was she? I mean..she’s only had one job!

Moving along. The doctor wrote me a prescription for Tylenol 3. It has codeine. I don’t know much about pain medication. Pain woke me up. I waited about half an hour to take the meds because I wanted to meditate first. I also wanted to access what was going on in my body. The directions say to take only as needed. I ended up taking a couple and then decided to type this up. Forgive the jumble, please.

How lucky am I to be alive?
How lucky am I to be alive right now?

Just as lucky as every other day. Meditation_Day 102_20180830-104054_Insight TimerMe_Post Accident_Day 1_20180830_105415

Thanks for reading.

endojé-love unite(s) us

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