Gratitude-October (2)

So..guess what?! When I was taking out the trash early this am.. maybe around 0023 I found some coins on the ground. There were 14 bus tokens!


Washed the coins when I got back in the apartment.

They were right by the big dumpster in between the two apartment buildings. Just hours before I told my friend, A. that I had somewhere to go that would take 2 bus tokens and I only had 3. And only had maybe $13 dollars period and that there were things I needed to do. Places I needed to go. And then this! A gift. I know someone lost something and it sucks for them. I’ll put them to good use.

Gratitude: For the bus tokens
For T.
For Moon, Jess, Danny and The Sampson
For myself for finally making it back to the accident site and talking with the crossing guard. I got her name and spoke with her and was able to look her in her eyes and ask “Why didn’t you help me?” Regardless of her answer I was able to connect with her human to human. Maybe in future she’ll do better if someone gets hit by a car in her presence. CrossingGuard_Lady_10_edited
For Cal Fresh, for healthy food.
For my leg feeling better.

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