Gratitude-October (24)


-Full Moon in Taurus! I’ve been curiously looking forward to this and now it is here!

-Mercurial changing in the emotional body consciousness.

-Living integrity

-Knowing limitations and when to say when.

-Courage and will to move forward. Work and play towards..

-The pursuit of happiness. Catching up.

-Job opportunities. Seeing about a gig coming up soon. Applied for 3 jobs today.

-Sage. Smudging. Clearing space and energy fields.

-Astrology and Tarot.

-The YouTube

-The Moon and The Sampson




-Endings though challenging leading to New Beginnings. Time time time time time.

-Faith and Intuitiveness

-Mercy and Grace

-The Great Unknown

Climbing The Night Sky_Collage_10.24.18

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



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