Gratitude-November (1)

-Divine Love, Divine Trust, Divine Justice
-My phone. Thanks J. Texting T.
-Sudden insight
-Graciousness. My name’s sake.
-Musicals. I will write at least one.
-Spotify generated playlists
-CosmicMoonChild Tarot1111
-Art practice
-Starting 2 things I’ve been putting off for months. Since summer y’all! Since summer. But today I started them and I feel very good about that.
-Productivity. Revision and Summary
-Focus and Concentration
-Wandering nature. Wandering spirit.
-Junk food. Giving into cravings. Chips, chocolate cake, brownies. I have had a little of each. [I’m going to get a Dr Pepper soon. I have cucumbers in the fridge seasoned with Tajin that I’ll have later with Vegan Blue Cheese dressing..if I want. I’ve drank a lot of water today but tonight the cravings were for crunchy salty soft sugary chocolate, and caffeine.]
-Love. I’m learning so much right now about love. How to love someone specifically. How to better love myself. They teach me that. I am fortunate to be growing this way with such a beautiful soul.
-Friendship. Grateful for my friends. Grateful that we are friends. Cherish your friend(s) folks.
-Writing. The written word.
-Memory. Memories.
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Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂