Gratitude-November (2)

-For music. The Piano Ballads list on Spotify has been keeping me good company the past 2 hours or so. Adele is singing about Tables Turning. She’s so good at what she does. Geez.
-Past ideas. I was looking at some of my older work, ideas for things, notes, and drafts of poems from the past 18months or so. I really need to check up on my notes and audio recordings more often. I’m thinking every 6 months. Which is good because 6 months from now it’ll be May and I’m a proud May born Taurus. So yeh..good idea. I’m going to mark my calendar. *Done*
-Moon and The Sampson
-Groceries. Especially Spinach and Sweet Potato Pie. I’ve been wanting both for a few days now.
-Writing. I wrote for a couple of hours earlier this afternoon. Just the fact that I did it is enough to make me happy.
-All the tools available to study astrology. There’s so much information on the internet for free. I remember 15-20 years ago going to bookstores–many bookstores–to find what I needed/was interested in. Now it’s as simple as typing in a search box.
-The Queerios
-The amazingness of being a queerdo in this world. I had a super gay moment today. I was listening to this woman sing a song about the best someone ever had or something like that. And she said something like I know she’s not as good as me, you know..something along those lines. And I straight up (hahaha) assumed she meant her ex-girlfriend would miss her because she was the best she’d ever had. It took me a minute, I think a WHOLE minute, before I realized she was probably talking about some dude. So yeh, I’m pretty damn gay/queer oriented. The singer’s name is Nina Nesbitt. The song is called The Best You Had (Explicit version)

-Being warm. I was out and about in my shorts with no jacket or beanie and I was soooo cold. Now I’m back at the apartment I’m warming up.
-For T. who fills my thoughts and expands what I know and understand of love.
-For the camera on my old phone

I usually wouldn’t do a grateful not..but..


I am grateful not to have a period anymore.

My friend needed me to go to the store to get tampons and I’m sure glad I was buying them for her not me.

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂