Gratitude-November (4)

-Fudge. Though I ate too much.
-myself for being myself
-questions and the answers that are on their way
-new creative endeavors. I’ve been working on something for 2 days now and it’s coming along nicely
-Moodiness. I don’t quite know what’s up but I know it’ll pass/lift.

Sadly Nothing_Tumblr page not found

-Time. The time changed. Time to change.
-Gay™ goodness. I just checked my timeline and thank the heavens for all my queers and queerdos. Lifted my spirits. Special shot out to Dr. Elizabeth and Mrs. Professor on 8 years of togetherness! Woot!
-A good laugh. Heteronormativity is annoying and humorous. More on the funny side in this instance.


just gals being pals

Feel free to share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



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