Gratitude-November (20)


-Free association writing.  I was annoyed/irritable earlier and then I wrote a bunch and almost figured out why. There were multiple reasons but I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten to the root of it. It’s like the same feeling of a forgotten word on the tip of your tongue. Almost got it. Anyway, it was good to write and get some of the thoughts/feelings outside of my body-mind and on to paper.

-Two work opportunities that came within an hour of one another. I decided to go with the first one.

-The spotify list I made earlier based on Same Love. It is excellent. Discovery of the day: Mike Posner’s Be As You Are

-Local library branch. I was there for the evening. Productive. Nice to change environment.

-Carrot cake. I’ve been on a kick. Blaming that fixed earth energy ♉️ 😁

-Understanding love as an emotion, an energy, and a way to direct the course/live my life. Stumbling and fumbling around in love is fine. A good amount of the time my heart leads and I follow. No matter what. Or eventually depending on perspective.

-Bohemian Rhapsody

-Crystal for being a lovely companion today.

-Photography and the creative outlet it gives me. I’m seeing things/the world differently.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 🙂



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