Gratitude-November (30)


-New toothbrush. I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve changed my toothbrush. But yeh..glad to have a new one.

-My FB friend for the 😎🎁 Much appreciated.

-J for messaging with me today, even though she’s a mom of 3, had work stuff, and is on the other side of the country, she helped me feel anchored/rooted, enabling me the opportunity to make sense of my day and the place I am at currently in my life.

-Following my instincts. Moving through the little bit of fear I have regarding a base need. How to be secure when what has been given can be so easily taken away?

-Recognizing that this fear is a complete waste of energy. A misuse of imagination. Nothing has happened and I’ll deal if necessary.

-My bedtime clothes.

-Sleepiness. Sometimes sleep doesn’t come easy but I shall rest tonight.

-LA Public Library. Peaceful. Afternoon reading and writing.

-Being closer to moving on from transient status. Looking forward to this change!

-warmed up chocolate cake

-hot lemon water

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Moon and Danny have been watching it. Good background show. Many laughs. They are on Season 5, my favorite.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊



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