Gratitude-December (3)


-Seeing new parts of the city.

-Pinkie Washington for her advice and sharing.

– 35¢ bus rides. I went to a part of town–Hollywood and Vine–for 70¢ roundtrip!

I saw a bunch of stars’ stars while walking the street. Michael Jackson, Billy Dee Williams, Angela Lansbury. There were empty stars in between some. Which means there is space for me! 😜😁😊


-J for helping me today.

In my head right now is a line from the 1st movie in the newest reboot of Star Trek. “Speak your mind Spock.” and also the song How Many Mics by the Fugees.

Translates for me as, Speak your truth.

I’m thankful for those creations for making such an impression in my life 🤗✌🏾

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊