Gratitude-December (6)


-New places via the subway. I was at 7th and Metro today. Pretty confusing. Luckily the sun had one more hour before the earth turned so I wasn’t trying to find my way around the dark. On the way back someone pulled out their violin, hooked it up to an amp, and played for us. Made me smile. I love music/musicians/art. I love boldness. I love sharing. So far it’s the highlight of my day.

-The reality of as above so below and how I see it playing out in my life at this time.

-Ability to give Moon money to contribute to the living space at last.

-Mood stabilizing and also not taking it personally. Awareness on top of the discomfort. Knowing I’m not my mood. Emotions fluctuate. They don’t need to be acted on. I guess I’m feeling a bit like the ocean in a sense.

-Knowing on a level that everything in my life is happening for my highest good.

-Sagittarius Moon. I wonder how it’s interacting with my 9th house Capricorn moon? One day I’ll understand that better. How what’s going on in the sky affects the blueprint/stamp of my start (natal birth chart) If anyone has any insight and wants to share, please email me at

-200 days of consecutive meditation. I’m so very proud of myself.




Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊


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