Gratitude-February (1)


-Got the last pick-up shot for the short I worked on this week. Good experience.
-Paid Work
-cadbury mini eggs

cadbury_mini eggs
-having exactly what I need when I need it
-having what I have in general. I’m grateful for everything I have.
-Unexpected gifts!!
-New public transportation adventures. A bus route that I’ve never been on and a subway station that I hadn’t been to before. It was in Pasadena. Quite nice.
-My friends. My family.
-My masterful 2-song Jasmine Thompson playlist.

One of which is the piano version of Wanna Know Love
-Capricorn Moon
-I know what day it is and what the date is! It is Friday the first day of the second month of the great year 2019.
-B99 for the feels.
-aa moon
-All the customer service people I interact with. Especially the ones that I see often. Near every day. I go to a store pretty much every single day. As much as I may be “a regular” they are “regulars” for me.

Share anything you’re grateful for in the comments below 😊


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