Gratitude-March (8/9)

-friends and friends of friends
-chats, text threads, dms, catching up with folk
-astrology talk with a real life in front of me person + astrology talk from cool women on youtube. So much fun. Party Trick Astrology.
-party group games ex. Cards Against Humanity. So much fun laughing and getting to know people in different ways.
-a most excellent vegan cake that my friend made for her girlfriend (25th solar return) and party guests. Dang, I’m still thinking about that cake.
-the folly of time
-my stomach and body for wisdom/truth of my internal situation and the way I process things. I’m listening better now. I have to. haha Making changes to diet and really paying attention to emotions/repressed emotions. I have been in the habit of  intellectualizing emotions over actually feeling them. Energies and awareness are shifting. Balance/harmony is calling.
-hitting, smashing, reaching goals
-the sun

What are you grateful for today?


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