Gratitude-March (10/11/12)


-New to me, gently worn, clothes. One of my friends was getting rid of clothes and set aside some for me to try.  I’ve lost about 32lbs since last summer. 3 belt sizes and really..this is right on time. Most of the clothes fit! So now I have a whole new wardrobe 🙂 Very nice. Another friend gifted me two shirts & two pants! 😊 I’m feeling full up.  Loved. Rich. Rich in


-Waking up every day. To try. To live. To love. For


-Spiderman-Into The Spider-Verse. It is now my background movie. It’s pretty much played every day during the past week.

-My Roku. I bought my first one in 2012? I think. To have so much access to media in one device (plus internet) is amazingly convenient.

-Kindness. Experiencing much kindness and generosity recently.

-A roof over my head. Safe. Warm. Quiet.

-Opportunities to improve my financial situation and reach the goal of being financially independent/self-reliant.

-Water. My standard teas for comfort: green decaf, lemon ginger with probiotics, ginger peach.

-Adventures. Going with the flow of the day. Creating memories, special forever memories and being aware of it beforehand, at the time, and now.

Here’s a little sample of my new clothes:

What’s something you’re grateful for?



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