Gratitude-(March 17)


-Repetition. The comfort of watching the same thing over and over again. Or putting it on in the background. For the past week it’s been Russian Doll and Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. I’ve had them on at some point in the day every single day for at least a week. I’m sure. Thank goodness for everyone involved in making them.

-Change. A friend moved home less than 2 days ago. Life feels different. And one of my best friends is leaving on Wed for and extended trip and by the time she gets back here, I won’t be here so this is a goodbye to a chapter in our lives. To not be able to see these two people/have the option to be in their physical presence is BOOOOOOO! Thank goodness for modern means of (instant) communication. And that I’ve learned to be appreciative and aware of these moments.

-The privilege of being with/sharing day-to-day life with people who are good to me, good for me. Thankful for those rooting for me. Especially the ones who tell me. I need to hear it! haha

-Hitting the mark of 300 consecutive days of meditation 💞


-The last few days of winter. Spring time is my time. I’m ready ☺️💐

-The people who work at the four grocery stores I most frequent. I see familiar faces every day that greet me in a friendly good-to-see-you manner. Again, a comfort.

-Routine + Variety + Creativity + Love + Music +Thinking + Dreaming + Thinking/Dreaming/Talking about Love + surprising/random adventures/wandering + the mystery of what’s to come.

What’s the best thing that can happen?

What are you grateful for now?

Everything Fits

I’ve received an entirely new wardrobe this week.  A friend was moving across the country and was cleaning out her closet. My good fortune is that we ended up wearing the same clothes size. I don’t think anyone would think so if they saw us standing side by side but.. everything fits. I’ve kept about 80% of the clothes and yesterday she gave me a few pair of shoes. They fit too!

What’s trippy cool about this experience is the timing. I wasn’t feeling good about myself or how I looked because my shoes were worn down and getting holes in them 😦 and my clothes were hanging off of me. They didn’t fit me physically or where I am in my life. Most of my clothes were college t-shirts that I’d collected and worn like a uniform while in school. It’s now been over a year since I’ve been a student. I’m in a different city, with a different life, with a different body.

It feels good right awesome to put on these new-to-me garments and feel like a newish me. I feel more secure, comfortable, safe.  Perhaps because they come from someone I love and trust. I feel her good energy on them.  Another super bonus is that I didn’t have to go shopping! haha The clothes were delivered to me. I just had to try them on and decide which to donate and which to keep. Everything is comfy. Essentially because they are good quality and they’ve been “broken in.” I was thinking yesterday that I’ll most likely never have an experience like this again. The unexpected generosity. The abundance of it all. A tiny bit overwhelming but all around wonderful.