Gratitude-March (20)


-For new. Season. Loves. Ideas. Reasons. Beginnings.
-For the circle
-For endings. Nothing ends without beginning again.
-For A.A. Moon for housing me. The temporary is rounding the last turn. Timing. Thank you. Safe travels. All my love.
-For Sampson.
-For faith
-For all soul mates, loves/lovers, twin flames, soulmates, coming together in service, thank you for your love and light. I feel you *taps fist on heart twice*
-For Tarot Readers.
-For Electronic Music Libraries
– For the Doctor at the ER who helped me, diagnosed me, got me a brace, and gave me exercises t help my knee.
-For me for finally being brave enough to go check on why my knee was giving out sometimes and locking up painfully sometimes. I honestly think I let this go on for nearly 3 weeks thinking it was temporary. Hoping it’d go away. Then I realized if it was anyone I loved I’d have insisted they go. Would’ve offered to go with them. So that’s what I did. I made myself go..with myself 😉😁
-For Healing
-For Spring. Spring Baby here! *happy dances*
-For Aries Season
-For the 6 pieces I wrote/published/shared today and the 3 rough drafts I got going. Hecka productive. Satisfied. Pleased.

Healing is not linear
What’s something you’re grateful for?

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