Exes Are Exes

For many years, maybe since I was in my late teens, I’ve never really understood why people would break up and get back together. It seems a waste of time. Decide to work it through or leave it.

I’d say, “exes are exes for a reason.”

Today I’ve been thinking, “exes are exes for a reason”, is true AND it can be expanded upon.  Like, ok, the relationship didn’t work out but maybe after the relationship ended and time passed, the people involved matured, grew to understand themselves as individuals, as well as what they brought of themselves to the relationship. Some I’d think would think of ways they could do things differently. Some could realize how good they had it and how badly they messed up. For some, they realize that there’s no one they’d rather work/create this life relationship/partnership with. No regret for the time apart but now they want to see if…we can

Sometimes second chances are the last chance needed.

This is new thinking to me. Kinda rockin my world.

I’ve seen lots of people get back together after years of separation but most all of the original breakups were due to parental interference and/or just starting out with job/career stuff. Other people and money. Ugh. So I guess the exceptions for me about other people (haha) getting back together are all the ones that have been breakups caused by external forces.  On the real, these stories fit in to my romantic predisposition: Look what love can do. Love wins. Triumphant. Love’s all.