Love Be Like #3

Sacrifice! Suffer?
Woe, the battle stench.
Let go. Let it go. Let them go.
Let all that is not for you and your well-being go
away now.
Mess & Stress.
Sacrifice them.
Let them weep, whine, perish.

Sacrifice or suffer,
old habits, rooted falsehoods, childhood wounds, fear.
Sacrifice Fear of love, abandonment, rejection, success, carried around like chains, weights, anchors, over-packed bags. Let go.
We are not our pasts. We can make different choices.
Sacrifice any belief that doesn’t believe in your highest good.
Sacrifice weapons/words used against you.
That inner dialogue/monologue can kill you.
That inner dialogue/monologue can heal you.

Spiritual Warrior,
Let us begin this Spring season with new reason(s), true healing,
mass kindness, prosperity, peace, compassion, forgiveness, love your Self.
Love yourself as much as you love your love(s).

No one promised easy. Simply