Appreciation-April (13)

I appreciate the Clexa fandom and the fanfic writers who continued to write beyond 307. I’m currently reading one, “In Love and War and Politics”, and it’s reminding me of how much Clarke and Lexa meant/mean to me. How much these fictional characters influenced my views of love and relationships. The complimentary, challenging, respectful, supportive, purpose-filled, dynamic, strong yet soft, destined, bigger than them, kind of love. I appreciate Clark of the Sky People and Lexa Kom Trikru for giving me hope. They are like a lighthouse for my heart. I appreciate Clexacon, (Congratulations on making it happen for 3 years!!!), for bringing me together with some of my very best friends, creative collaborators, great loves of my life. Thank you infinity upon infinity to the creators. I appreciate my inner guidance, my past self, my body for healing. I appreciate my heart and the options opening up for me. Thanks to all of you who are reading these words now. I appreciate you.


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