Gratitude-July (26)

-for the spirit of gratitude, thankfulness. Counting blessings and realizing the truth of no matter the outer circumstances there can be a gladness of heart. I am fortunate.

-For friendship. The highest expression of love in my life.

-For the realization that the grief/pain I feel for the losses I have endured with my blood family has impacted my ability to trust in new relationships of all kinds and actually to trust life in general.  This acknowledgment feels like a gift: Space to feel, time to heal.

-For so many tears shed. My eyeballs hurt but the release has been good. Not necessarily lighter. But clearer for sure.

-For sudden rapid changes in my living situation, though disruptive to my equilibrium, have proved to be instructive overall.

-For my new social worker

-For Gentleman Jack.




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