Gratitude-August (16)

-The documentary, Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait
-My roommate who is a gift of inspiration, who is silent mostly, but loudly sighs and curses under his breath, sometimes laughs, sometimes moans in his sleep, and rarely sings in the shower with his beautiful voice. The domestic intimacy of his snoring, the consistent soundtrack of the inhalation of the vaping apparatus.
-The pain in my left leg. The knee that holds no weight without protest. Exquisite screaming when no medication works at all.
-Prayer. Because what else.
-Innocence lost because I am aware of it happening/it’s happened.
-The 3 drawings I did today.
-The tender feelings in my index, middle, ring fingers on my left hand.
-Guitar practice/play.
-A change in my eating schedule
-Great Courses of America via Kanopy. There’s this one on Utopian and Dystopian Literature that’s rocking my worldview. I’ve listened to about 10 lectures in the past 2-3 weeks. 30 minutes each. Easily one of the main highlights of my day.
-The surprising creature I am.