Gratitude-August (21) Part 2


-Orthopedic Surgeon respecting my wishes about surgery. I follow up in early October a week or so after my Physical Therapy ends.

-The Carters’ Boss as well as Kehlani’s repertoire, holding me down. Mad thankful for the right music at the right time. Comforting.

-My cousin Tasha for sending me a funny video to lift my vibration.

-Facebook for facilitating easy contact with acquaintances, friends, family.

-Electricity issue has been sorted. Issue with auto payment. Will be on tomorrow 😊👍🏾

-My Aunt for sending me money for food and to cover my public transportation needs to get to all these appointments 😊

-My roommate for updating me and acknowledging that I was partially right about the electricity thing yesterday.

Also for helping me take out the trash. He took out the 2 heavy ones. I took out the light one. Fridge and freezer are cleared. He was gagging so now I know for sure I wasn’t just trippin’

He also asked me about the sink. I told him it wasn’t a leak. The water is just going. I couldn’t get down there to look. He got down there and the pipe is corroded. There’s also an issue with the bathroom sink. He’s getting parts and will fix both soonish 😊

Overall, I’m feeling much better. At the same time I’m calling it a day even though it’s only 2p! Haha I just want to be unconscious/unaware/asleep, so that’s what’s up.

Thanks for reading!

Please fee free to share anything you’re grateful for.


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