Gratitude-August (21)


I’ve decided to do my gratitude journal first. Because I’ve had a day and it needs to be a separate post I think. And because I’m trying y’all. To recognize/realize the good.

-for honesty

-for being able to apologize for snapping at someone without telling them why I snapped. “I apologize for snapping”

-For my first full physical therapy appointment. I feel a lot better inside because I’m getting the care I need. I know what I need to do. And feel supported by the staff. Next week is the year anniversary of the accident. The left leg is atrophied, so with the meniscus tears and the atrophied muscles trying to compensate, the buckling of the knee, falling, locking up whenever, the chronic inflammation and pain, the helplessness, hoplessness, social isolation due to poverty and immobility, fear, depression, stuckness, are coming to an end. I honestly feel/felt optimistic about my life changing for the better.

-Meditation. Back to it. 8 consecutive days. It makes a difference.

-Creativity. A fountain of ideas. Writing them down and organizing notes on my computer before the battery ran down.

-My cell phone. Which is my link. Thanks J, so much for getting it for me last summer and putting me on your family plan.

-Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. I’m on Chapter 3. I love it so far. I found out about it from The Utopian and Dystopian Lit course I’m watching. The Professor said that the author offers the an ebook free on his website. It’s actually in hard copy book form. Regular publisher with many translations. That he’s made it available means a lot to me. Especially at this time.

-Herditary. I downloaded it the other day and watched it tonight and loved it. Ari Aster is creating films that really resonate with me. His work is exciting and fascinating. Making me fall in love with movies again.

-and meta. Gratitude for being able to write this even though I’m shaky.

I’m on a phone with small screen. Hopefully the layout is okay. Thanks for reading.


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