Gratitude-August (24)


*note* These are for today and additions for the past couple days 😊

-Library to power up my electronic devices for the weekend.

-Been reading more. Book books in addition to the usual Supercorp fan fiction. Reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, Wildseed by Octavia Butler, and Nova by Samuel Delany. I think I have to put Nova aside for now because it really requires a different sort of attentiveness than I feel capable of at the moment.

-Audiobooks for when my eyes are too tired and hurty. Listening to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley narrated by Michael York and The Chrysalids & Survival by John Wyndham

-This experience of living with no electricity. It’s Day 5. On Day 3 I broke out in a heat rash, got sick, and missed a doctor’s appointment. Yesterday I felt much better. Got an update on what’s been going on. Automatic payment tried to take out $1300 for a bill that averages $45 a month during a given yearly cycle. Electronic error plus beuracratic stuff to get it sorted.

It’s near impossible to eat healthy with no fridge, no stove, and low cash. Trust me when I say salad stuff, cucumbers, tuna, spinach, avocados, limes and lemon, etc, beans, and various teas, are inexpensive and gets me through usually. I don’t eat much and I tend to graze and that hasn’t been possible. My stomach is not happy. And yes, I’m hungry. Thank goodness that I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for over a year otherwise I’d be in trouble. I won’t starve. Mostly experiencing head hunger. I’ve learned a lot this week. Different view of the world is an understatement. Anyhoo, power will be back on by Monday 🤞🏾😀

-Clean fridge!

-Clean underwear.

-Baby wipes.

-My roommate for working diligently this week to fix the kitchen drain and bathroom sink. And for texting me back when I was feeling angry, helpless, and hopeless. His simple response helped more than he knows.

-Meditation. On it! 12 consecutive days.

-Physical Therapy going well this week. Big difference in overall hope in regards to future mobility. I’m totally psyched.

-J, for messaging me/looking out, even though she experienced a super challenging week too. 27 years of friendship. I don’t want to even think about life without her.

Art making

-Radical Optimism

-Netflix and the downloadable stuff. Watched the first episode of Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready. So funny 😂🤣 Feels great and necessary to snicker and belly laugh. Thankful to her and all the comics she’s lifting up.

I am grateful for you dear reader. This blog is something I can do. You help me feel less alone.

No Power Art-8.21-23.19

Some recent pieces.

Crayons. Digital Art via iPad apps, Sketches and ShadowDraw. Graphite pencil in sketchbook.

Day 2 with no electricity. (Left) Crayon #1 made in the dark, randomly picking 2 colors. (Right) Crayon #2 made while using a flashlight for illumination.

Crayon #2-Classic B&W filter

Crayon #2 Original

Sketch #1-Sketches App

Sketch #2-Sketches App

Playing/Practicing with ShadowDraw App on iPad

3 from my sketchbook (55s)