Gratitude-August (29)




-They Ready presented by Tiffany Haddish. Just watched Aida Rodriguez. Funny Real. Looked her up and today happens to be her 42nd birthday! Went on Twitter and did the thing.

-Librarian. I checked out a DVD. Basquiat. I went to play it last night and it got stuck in my computer. I’ve tried everything. I’m going to have to open it up and retrieve the disc that way. But I don’t have the tools. The Librarian is giving me a month extension to get it back. I told her it’d be messed up. She and the guy at the desk said I’d have to replace it. Suggested Amazon. I was like, it’s a rare dvd that’s why I borrowed it. They checked the price and to replace it will cost $40. I asked, what if I couldn’t pay it. She said my account would be frozen. I shrugged my shoulders and said okay. She told me when I get it out, bring it in, and she’ll access the damage. She said come see me. I said thanks. Left feeling hopeful and despondent. I’m skilled like that.

-guitar practice


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