Gratitude-October (20/21)

-I was able to see my friend in an incredible performance from a beautiful play he wrote about transitioning, called To T, or not To T? It’s playing at the Los Angeles LGBT -Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Arts Center. D’Lo and I hadn’t seen each other in the physical in over a decade but we’ve been friends for 24 years now and I’m just amazed at the people we’ve become. So dang proud.

A brown guy wearing a backwards baseball cap, grey/black baseball shirt, a thin gold chain, holding up a peace sign, smiling with his arm around a shorter brown guy wearing a black beanie, glasses, bluetooth headphones around his neck. He is smiling with his head resting on his friend's shoulder.
D’Lo and Evan

-Guitar practice.
-Glee Cast Radio on Pandora
-For feeling productive and at ease.
-For the feeling of hope.
-For actually pressing “publish” for my gratitude entry from last week. Was surprised it was in the drafts. So funny.
-For the inspiring message that a stranger sent me this morning. Helped with motivation for sure.


1st Paintings! 8.2.19-9.2.19

I started painting this past summer.

The Why and How:

I was living through a challenging time health-wise. I’d been dealing with physical pain like I’d never experienced before, along with social isolation and limited finances/resources. My mental and emotional health subsequently was on a downward path.

Fortunately for me, my friend and mentor Luckie, surprised me with a backpack of art supplies. In the bag I found drawing paper, pens, pencils, erasers, a journal, and acrylic paint with synthetic brushes.

My 1st Paint Set!

I haven’t looked up “how to paint” yet. Just learning as I go. These reflect what’s inside of me now made manifest into the physical world. These are born from generosity, desire, and need for creative expression.

I love learning. I love new beginnings.