Gratitude-October (1)

Gratitude from the past week to now:

-Eye rolls, eye exercises

-Sleep. More restful. On a bed (temporarily) instead of a couch. Sleeping on my schedule, my own rhythm. Guiltless. It’s been best for me to sleep early morning to afternoon. I feel better overall.

-New dawn, new day, new month


-Meditation. I started my daily practice again instead of doing it whenever. Daily is best for me.

-Sesame seed oil, self massage (Ahbyanga)

-Space and time for myself. A roof over my head. A place to rest, think, dream, work, play, etc. I’ve had the single to myself the past 6-7 days. It’s been over 3 years since I’ve had these many days on my own. Since I was living at my Aunt’s up north. 1 more night. Going to enjoy it.

-The Expanse. I finally made it through S1. A couple episodes into S2. Challenging show to watch. I have to super pay attention and still get confused. Free movies and instructional videos. Credit reset today. The Great Courses of America require no credits. Finished How Great Science Fiction Works taught by Professor George K. Wolfe. 24 half hour lectures I think I started in late August. Last night I began Sci-Phi: Science Fiction as Philosophy taught by Professor David Kyle Johnson. My favorite has been, Great Utopian and Dystopian Works of Literature taught by Dr. Pamela Bedore. Here’s a pdf link for that course.

-My iPad Mini 4 which is truly my favorite electronic device. I think I’ve had one since 2015. The new OS seems cool so far. Yay for finally having the option of dark mode!

-Ability to read and comprehend.

-Exercises and PT. I started strengthening exercises last week. I had a couple days of ZERO pain. After 13 months, it felt like a miracle! Unfortunately, my knee locked up in bed over the weekend and my pain level has been a steady 4 to 6 since. I was so pissy at PT yesterday. 2 of the therapists told me setbacks happen and to not feel discouraged. Their care made me feel a bit better. I’m truly thankful for the care.

-Jess for the gift of $15. It’s made such a huge difference. So little means/meant so much. I realize how much energy and stress I was experiencing based on being hungry and having to choose between $1 items, 1.25, 2.50 and so on. The generous gift was a catalyst to healing the ongoing internal conflict about money that I’ve had for years.  It’s hard to explain but it was a major switch and I’m incredibly relieved. Onward.

– A couple cashiers at 2 stores I frequent surprisingly (unasked) hooking me up with an avocado and peanut butter, respectively. I’m super fortunate.


-Artistic self-expression via guitar, music, painting, drawing, which has improved my life immeasurably. Things make more sense now.

-Overcoming low thinking. I had a few dark days/moments. I’m glad I got through them.

-Books. E-books and physical books. LA public library/librarians

-Realizing the social isolation and loneliness I’ve been experiencing over the past several months has actually served me tremendously. I am my best company. I honestly have had a hard time making connections with others in physical life that don’t leave me feeling bad/anxious, insecure, misunderstood afterward. The real need/want has been to connect with my true self/spiritual center for my overall health and well-being.

-Meta. This blog and its readers. Thank you.

-Creative ideas galore. Recording, writing notes, making short pieces.

-My friends from many parts of the world that I connect with via electronic means. I am grateful for them and all the technology/technological advances that make it possible.

-A break from social media

-Pooh Bear

-A shave and a cut