Gratitude-November (19)

-my friend Jymi surprised me with a drawing he made of me!

-painting/art. I started a beautiful piece today 😍 It’s about 95% done. I love it so much.

-American Sign Language. One of my degrees is in ASL/Deaf Culture. I haven’t been really using the language on the regular in about 4 years. I find myself signing randomly and no one around me knows! haha so I thought I’d review and learn more because I dream of it/love it. I’ll find community here in LA when I’m a teensy bit more practiced. For those interested, here’s a couple of links to excellent resources I’m utilizing. The site. The youtube channel.

-Drawing practice. I’ve been stuck on one exercise for months! because I was too intimidated to do it 😔  It turned out pretty not great but at least I’m moving forward. I’ll keep at it. I think I’ll have it to my satisfaction by the end of the year.

-Got ordained by Universal Life Church. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Been thinking about childhood me and the things I naturally did. I used to “marry” my little friends in the neighborhood. I’d pair them up and perform the ceremony. haha I think it would be a cool thing to do now as an adult. Love, promises, vows, community, are all concepts I’m about.

-I’m thankful to myself for not holding back so much. It feels good to free up this energy. Vroom Vroom

-Marie Callender’s mini apple pie.

-hugs and cuddles. I’ve been ridiculously touch starved over the past several months and now…*sighs in relief and contentment*


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