Gratitude-November (23)


-Free Museums. I visited LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park this afternoon. To check out and participate in the Loitering is delightful exhibit. It was great. It’ll be up until January 12, 2020, Thursday-Sunday from 11a-4p.

There were a few interactive pieces. I made something at one of them!

-privately owned public space.

-Gorgeous day. Clear blue skies. Perfect temperature. 75º. Felt so nice.

-impromptu stop at a garage sale. I was gifted a cute vest. We ended up buying 4 or 5 items and my friend was gifted a free pair of earrings. Then the people running the garage sale also gave us 2 donuts 😁

-free coffee. When I got back to the apartment after visiting the gallery, there was coffee beans left in the “bermuda triangle” (where residents of the building leave things for people who might want/need them) I don’t drink coffee but my friend does. I’ll see if they want them.

-Nap. After that I napped for 4 hours. I’ve had an AMAZING couple of days and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Needed to rest and process the many changes that are happening in my life.

-Non-sexual based physical touch/affection.

-Dogs. Was able to hang out with a friend who was dog-sitting for their Professor. Had a really great time. Opened me up to dreams I have of how I’d like to live.

I’m so excited about creating a beautiful life/environment for myself to rest, flourish, create, and love.


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