Gratitude-November (27)

-social media connectivity
Melissa Benoist for sharing her story of intimate partner violence. It was so brave and powerful to watch and will help so many people. So proud of her.
-friendship. I’m so fortunate for the friends in my life.
-Apple pie. My roommate brought a pie home to share with me 🙂 I’m so dang happy we talked on Saturday. Geez. Not just for the apple pie haha but for the quasi-peace in the apartment. There’s slight awkwardness but good efforts all around overall.
-Life. As cheesy as it may seem, I’m grateful for being alive and having the opportunities to love and be loved and learn more about how to love and be loved. All that matters to me. Everything else stems from those.
-My  iPad Mini and kindle voyage which are my favorite devices. I’ve had them for 3+ years and still enjoy them nearly every day.
-The couch I sleep on in my friend’s apartment. I’ve been so super tired the last few days and I’m just grateful that I have a warm comfy spot to sleep/rest/be.


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